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The statement concludes by blaming those who have been fleeing Cuba within the tug 'thirteen de Marzo' for the 'alleged' accident." "According to the assertion of the Ministry of the Interior, two coast guard ships that were on patrol in the area joined the three tugs in a rescue operation to save lots of the victims of the accident. It also mentioned that in an effort to forestall the theft, three tugs tried to intercept the 'thirteen de Marzo' and it was then that the unlucky accident occurred that caused the latter to sink." "Then, other eyewitnesses in Cuba, similar to Janet Hernández, overcame their concern of presidency repression and informed the surface world the reality in regards to the incident.

The television pictures of this woman crying and accusing the Cuban Government moved the public. Three days after the incident, a number of the 31 survivors have been rescued by other Cuban State ships and never by the tugs. Finally, at a distance of 7 miles from the Cuban coast, a blow to the stern triggered the tug '13 de Marzo' to sink." "One fascinating fact is that the survivors identified the attacking tugs as belonging to MININT . "In his appearance, Castro affirmed that it was perfidious to call the ships Government ships, as a result of what they meant to say by this is that the Government was answerable for sinking the boat, and he pointed out that they have been operated by civilians. "Assessing the information and pursuant to the Cuban Criminal Code, the perpetrators of these acts dedicated the crimes of major destruction , violation of the principles of navigation or maritime site visitors , murder , crimes violating worldwide regulation , and, above all, genocide ."

Listen, let them steal the boat, don't fret in regards to the boat, and so they went out to try--despite the fact that it was not their job--to keep them from stealing the boat." All of this happened at evening, on a darkish night, in tough seas; in these conditions there have been trying to stop it until the Coast Guard patrol boats arrived.

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To date, none of the drowning victims' bodies has been recovered by the Cuban authorities, despite the fact that the sinking of the tug "13 de Marzo" occurred in Cuban territorial waters. Many people perished because the jets of water directed at everybody on deck forced them to hunt refuge in the engine room. The boat used for the escape belonged to the Maritime Services Enterprise of the Ministry of Transportation. It is necessary to organize a location or classroom that each one the women can reach easily and the place they'll meet each other. In addition didactic materials such as paper, writing materials and blackboards are helpful to facilitate the classes and to promote the mentoring process.

This was the cause of the unlucky accident that led to the sinking of the tug . The perpetrators were conscious of this and irresponsibly did not restore the boat earlier than going ahead with the escape." There was a report concerning the boat, which indicated the existence of leaks. Before taking the tug, the leaders of the group intending to depart the country illegally, disabled the port's communications system.

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It was seven miles off the Cuban coast, after dropping the captain, who was thrown overboard by the impression of the jets of water, that one of many fugitives stopped the boat's engines. However, the survivors' report signifies that the '13 de Marzo' was hit by several of the tugs pursuing them. Logically, it had everything to lose in a deliberate collision with the tugs pursuing it." The fleeing tug, the 'thirteen de Marzo,' was old, made in the 40s, slower, smaller, and manufactured from wooden. "One of the acts reported by all the survivors was the fact that virtually as soon as they left the mouth of the Bay of Havana, the 2 heavy-draft, iron tugs made by Polaca began to spray water on the old tug 'thirteen de Marzo' to try to flood it and sink it. Notice that Castro himself acknowledges and admits that there was a tug on the mouth of the bay that attempted to stop the departure and that the others saved making an attempt to stop it. Moreover, the opposite tugs had their radio communication methods intact and have been beneath the management of the Government personnel who had been working them.

"The Coast Guard crew acquired quite a few instructions about tips on how to handle this problem, and apart from, what for?--as a result of we haven't any particular need to cease a departing boat." But, in reality, for a patrol boat to stop a ship at evening, when things have already reached a certain level, is virtually unimaginable." It was revealed, they not solely launched a libelous marketing campaign but additionally wanted to take the matter to the United Nations as part of the scheme and the technique they had been formulating, because they wish to intervene in different international locations by way of these worldwide organizations. "But I noticed a substantial amount of perfidy within the try to describe the ships as 'government' ships, because what they meant to say is that the Government was answerable for sinking the boat.

"The workers' habits was exemplary, there is no denying it, as a result of they tried to cease them from stealing the boat. "They had just a few lifesavers--these tugs are small, they've just a few crew members--they threw the lifesavers that they had and pulled some out, even some crew members, and with some hazard, as a result of there was the chance that they would seize their own tugs. They had boarded a tug that had no less than one leak, in very poor condition for doing that; it was tremendously irresponsible, that tug would have sunk even if there hadn't been a collision." The tugs that had been making an attempt to cease the theft threw them the lifesavers that they had, a number of lifesavers.

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"In his public appearance, Castro covered up for the murderers by applauding this act as a real patriotic effort, claiming that none of the crew members meant to sink the boat. "A few days later the Cuban Government claimed that it could not go down to investigate the blows sustained by the sunken boat, or recover the bodies, because it lacked the required gear and personnel. The tug crews have been indifferent to those who were drowning, looking on and enjoying the Dante-esque spectacle, the work of their villainy." The survivors say that it was not till the 'Griffing' patrol boat and one other small boat arrived that they were pulled from the sea.

"This was the reason for the unfortunate accident that led to the sinking of the tug ." Likewise, the declare is not pending in another international settlement proceeding, nor is it the repetition of a previous petition already examined by the Commission.

Furthermore, it slipped the Cuban Governme­nt's mind that the Coast Guard naval items have radios on their ships and that the tugs also have radios to communicate with other vessels or their bases on shore. "A thorough and exhaustive investigation would have involved elevating the tug 'thirteen de Marzo' and delivering the bodies to their family members. "Moreover, on August 5, 1994, when Fidel Castro once more spoke of the occasions involving the tug 'thirteen de Marzo', 23 days had elapsed since its sinking.

"In this interview, Fidel Castro elaborated on the Cuban Government's model of what occurred to the tug 'thirteen de Marzo'. In this interview, he enlarged upon the events involving the sunken tug and confirmed the Government's model. On August 5, 1995, the Cuban Head of State, Fidel Castro Ruíz, held a press convention on account of the disturbances towards his authorities by greater than 30,000 Cubans in Havana that day.

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On the opposite, they started circling at a high speed around the folks within the water to create whirlpools and thus drown them. "The survivors also describe how those who had been capable of jump into the ocean received no help from the tug crews. "It is extensively and publicly recognized that the coasts reverse Havana Bay are constantly patrolled by Soviet-made kind p-4 or p-6, high-speed torpedo boats, or 'TURYA' type gunboats . This barrage of hits and these attacking boats show that the sinking was intentional." It was then that the biggest of the tugs pursuing them rammed the '13 de Marzo' within the stern and cut up it; after which returned to the charge and rammed the bow, inflicting it to sink.

Having established the facts as they occurred on the morning of July thirteen, 1994, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights considers it needed to find out whether the Cuban State is internationally answerable for the deaths of the forty one victims who died in stated shipwreck. Moreover, two of the ships rammed the tug on the port and starboard sides, causing it to sink. The surviving witnesses concur in stating that they were overtaken and surrounded by four boats when they had been seven miles off the Cuban coast, and that the latter turned jets of water on them--on everybody on deck--using the tanks with which they were outfitted. In the current case, documents have been submitted that present data on the details denounced, which details had been furthermore made public data by the worldwide press. "Because of the navigating circumstances and the rough seas through the early morning hours, solely 31 folks had been saved."

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They had been making an attempt one thing very difficult, truly, that is, to cease a ship. one boat positioned itself in front to try to gradual the velocity, one other boat positioned itself behind, and another boat went to the aspect, but not one of the crews had the intention of sinking that boat. All of this occurred inside about an hour and 20 minutes, from the time they took the boat until it was sunk. They destroyed the communications, and the tug workers weren't even in a position to talk with the coast guard; the coast guard discovered of it later. "Those who took the tug had accomplices, amongst them the one who had the key to the padlock, they usually had the skipper of one other tug. But, to make sure, this concrete fact--this phenomenon--has been far more clearly in evidence in recent weeks, beginning with the accident involving the tug '13 de Marzo'. "Because of the navigating circumstances and the rough seas through the early morning hours, solely 31 people have been saved.